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You Know Who worked with Entitle to completely re-design the user experience and user interface of their fleet of apps. 


Entitle entrusted us with an entire redesign of the brand, UI, UX and all associated design elements. The app was already in existence, and particular technology meant that specific UI/UX patterns had to be adhered to or worked around. This was a year-long project which culminated in a partnership with Ellen DeGeneres, with every $2 spent on the app going to help send deserving students to college. 

User Interface Design
Logo & Branding Consultancy
iOS User Experience Consultancy



The previous branding was dated and difficult to use in various situations, including small sizes for various iOS touchpoints. We redesigned the brand with a more streamline, modern look after first doing what all good designers do, and mapped out shapes and symbols on paper to see what would best fit across a variety of use cases. The colour palette was updated from subdued hues of blue to a more vibrant selection of blues and purples. 


Entitle partners with Ellen.tv

"This year, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has partnered with Entitle Books, and Amy Poehler’s new book “Yes Please” is the first featured book in Ellen’s Book Bar. Ellen’s Book Bar is a new place for people to discover great eBooks recommended by America’s favorite talk show host/bookworm, Ellen DeGeneres."

- ellen.tv